Digital Twin-driven smart manufacturing: Connotation, reference model, applications and research issues


This paper reviews the recent development of Digital Twin technologies in manufacturing systems and processes, to analyze the connotation, application scenarios, and research issues of Digital Twin-driven smart manufacturing in the context of Industry 4.0. To understand Digital Twin and its future potential in manufacturing, we summarized the definition and state-of-the-art development outcomes of Digital Twin. Existing technologies for developing a Digital Twin for smart manufacturing are reviewed under a Digital Twin reference model to systematize the development methodology for Digital Twin. Representative applications are reviewed with a focus on the alignment with the proposed reference model. Outstanding research issues of developing Digital Twins for smart manufacturing are identified at the end of the paper. © 2019 Elsevier Ltd

Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Yuqian Lu
Yuqian Lu
Principle Investigator / Senior Lecturer

My research interests include smart manufacturing systems, industrial AI and robotics.