Smart Manufacturing System


The industry is undergoing dramatic changes. Manufacturers aspire to a shift towards mass personalization – a paradigm that produces personalized products at mass efficiency. In mass personalization, traditional manufacturing automation technologies designed for mass customization, such as product family architecture, reconfiguration manufacturing systems and delayed differentiation, will fail if not adapt as batch size becomes one and manufacturing is dynamically driven by unique customer needs. Hence, smart manufacturing system was devised to represent a new generation of manufacturing system that can dynamically configure the manufacturing processes and systems to carry out optimized production of unique products based on near real-time environment sensing, humanoid reasoning and reconfiguration of system models. At the core, smart manufacturing systems need perceptive and decisive capabilities, leading to dynamic self-organizing behaviors. With advanced cognitive capabilities, manufacturing equipment, systems, and factories can self-sense, self-communicate, self-reason, and self-configure to prevent potential critical issues, optimize operations, and enhance the overall integration of machines, humans, and digital supply networks.


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Special Issue on New Frontiers in Smart Manufacturing Systems @ International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (Submission Deadline: 31st December 2022)